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Drag411, The Weekly Stage Play on the Radio

Drag411 podcast
Click to listen to any episode beging July 4, 2018

          This is the “official” announcement of the new weekly, staged serial, “Drag411” hosted by Amazon Alexa, iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube, this page on Drag411, iPhone/Android app… beginning July 4th.


          Every day Georgi Evans wakes up to pandemonium since his marriage to Micky two years ago. Their quiet Tampa life with Noodle, their rescue dog, changed the moment Georgi decided to head back to the stage as the over-the-top drag queen, Wynter Storm.

          Georgi never went out of his way to watch drag shows and when he met Micky, had no idea that his new husband was a female impersonator decades ago. Georgi hoped Micky’s itch to perform for a local breast cancer charity event would be a onetime shot, but Wynter Storm became a brief local celebrity after a video of Wynter Storm went viral on the internet, after she was arrested for physically attacking a protester with her red pumps.

         Poor Georgi and Noodle, caught between the madness of Wynter and Micky’s oldest friend, Stephanie Silver, once herself, a prominent pageant queen in the seventies and now a leading activist for transgender rights. In episode one of the series, Georgi finds an ally when a neighbor moves in next door in their gay neighborhood, a lesbian bartender named Poom... and her twelve cats.

Drag and Drag411, Books, Magazines, and Scripts.
         Our books began hitting 14,000 retailers in 32 countries in 2011. Some failed, many of them went viral to became best sellers, and more excitingly, twenty of them now have world records. 20 LGBT World Titles:

1. The Official, Original Drag Memorial. The largest memorial for impersonators in the world,
2. The Official, Original Drag Memorial. The oldest, continuously running memorial for impersonators (below),
3. 2010 to 2014.The Official Drag Handbook. The largest compilation resource guide for impersonators. It created the entire compilation books that you see around the world.
4. The Official Drag Handbook. The largest drag book tour in LGBT history,
5. CommUnity in Transition. The largest compilation book in transgender history (not to be confused with drag),
6. Drag Parent. The first book created in LGBT history defining mentors in this art form,
7. Drag Parent. Best selling book on mentoring in the drag industry,
8. Crown Me! The first compilation book created by the crown holders for impersonators,
9. Crown Me! Best selling book on competing in the drag, industry,
10. Drag Bully. The first compilation book created by the for impersonators on bullying in their art form,
11.Drag Bully. Already the best selling book on bullying in the drag industry,
12. Turn Around Bright Eyes. First novel about The Drag Queen Killer, a serial killer; the first serial killer of impersonators in print.
13. Joey Brooks, The Show Must Go On. The number one seller of an active primary show director in the world.
15. DRAG KING GUIDE. "So you want to be a Male Impersonator". The largest compilation book created for impersonators.
16. DRAG KING GUIDE. "So you want to be a Male Impersonator". The number one selling compilation book by male impersonators.
17. DRAG QUEEN GUIDE. "So you want to be a Female Impersonator." Stole the crown from The Official Drag Handbook, to become the largest compilation book created for female impersonators.
18. Drag411 becomes the first staged serial broadcasting internationally
19. Drag411. Becomes the largest organization for impersonators with over 7,000 members in 32 counties, and 2, 164 active contributing writers that are or were impersonators.
20. The facebook DRAG411 group on facebook just created the largest public photo album of entertainers in the world (of photos only provided by the entertainer themselves). With over 700 performers sending in their own photo! Awesome!
Drag411, The Original, Official Drag Memorial
        The oldest, continuously running, and most complete list of performers no longer with us in LGBT history. Are we missing a name?